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Powhite Park Trail
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Powhite Park Trail

Narrow, twisty singletrack located within a 100 acre park. Short, steep climbs and fast descents with a few flat or straight spots. At the very bottom is a swampy area. Riders should stick to the established trails and be aware of the No Trespassing signs. Some parts of the wooded area are private property.This is a moderately difficult, intermediate trail system, with fast flowing singletrack. There are some rocky sections, log piles, roots, and some bermed turns. Perhaps the highlight of this "hidden gem" is the "THE BUZZ", which is a dryed out creekbed that has been turned into a fast flowing section with plenty of bermed turns, rollers, and banked sections. You can drop into and out of the creek bed as if it were a half-pipe. Overall, this trail system is rather secluded and quiet. It's not uncommon to be the only rider on the trails in an entire day. Stick to the outside loop unless you know the park well. It is easy to get "lost" if you don't know your way around. *richmond-more.org

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