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Butterfly Trail

Eagle Trail


Friendship - Trail

Pond Loop

Village Trail

Wetlands Trail

Orange CC

Blue Path

Friendship Blue Trail

Friendship Red Trail

Gilbert Run Trail

Ridge Trail

Nature Trail

Beaver Trail

Blue Trail 3 Maxwell Hall

Blue Trail 2 Maxwell Hall

Blue Trail Maxwell Hall

Brown Trail 2

Brown Trail

Green Trail Maxwell Hall

Orange Trail 2 Maxwell Hall

Orange Trail Maxwell Hall

Red Trail Maxwell Hall

Yellow Trail CC

Blue Trail CC

Orange Trail CC

Indian Head Rail Trail

Wildwood Segment 5

Wildwood Segment 4

Wildwood Segment 3

Wildwood Segment 2

Island Lake Trail Parking

Island Lake Trail

Huron River Lake Erie Access

Pointe Mouillee Access

Swan Creek DNR Access

Sterling State Park Boat Access

Luna Pier Access

Algonquin DNR Access

Lake Erie Metropark Marina

Elizabeth Park Marina Access

Portage Lake Access

North Lake Access

Half Moon Lake Access

Belanger Park Access

Potawatomi Trail 3

Potawatomi Trail & Silver Lake Trail

Crooked Lake Trail 2

Potawatomi Trail & Crooked Lake 2

Potawatomi Trail & Crooked Lake Trail

Potawatomi Trail 3

Conklin Road Connector

White Trail

Blue Trail

Potawatomi Trail 2

Potawatomi Trail

Crooked Lake Trail

Pinckney State Park Trail A

Huron Meadows Trail

Matby Vista 2

Blue Heron Trail

Woodpecker Loop

Woodpecker Loop

Bald Eagle Trail

Blue Gill Trail

Mallard Trail

Muskrat Trail

Bald Eagle to Woodpecker Loop

Stone Bridge Nature Trail

Bald Mountain State Park Trail Loop

Stony Creek Parking Lot

Beech Alley-Moraine Fen Trail

Hidden Lake Bend

Beech Alley to Moraine Fen

Moraine Fen Trail

Beech Alley to Maltby Vista

Maltby Vista

Beech Alley Spur Connector

Beech Alley Spur

Beech Alley

Beech Alley

Beech Alley

Cedar Trace

Cedar Trace Trail

Cedar Trace-Maltby Trace

Cedar Trace Trail

Huron Meadows Parking lot

Maltby Vista Trail

North Bay Park Trail Loop

North Bay Park Trail

Equestrian Trail

Lower Rouge River Trail 7

Lower Rouge River Trail 6

Lower Rouge River Trail 5

Lower Rouge River Trail 4

Lower Rouge River Trail 3

Lower Rouge River Trail 2

Lower Rouge River Trail 1

ITC Corridor Connector Trail

Platt Road Greenway

Lillie Park Loop 5

Lillie Park Loop 4

Lillie Park loop 3

Lillie Park Loop 2

Lillie Park Loop 1

Lillie Park Trail

Lillie Park Parking Loop

Lohr-Textile Greenway 3

Lohr-Textile Greenway 2

Bridge to Bay Trail South 1

I-275 Metro Trail Ford Road South

I-275 Metro Trail River Rouge South

Lohr-Textile Greenway

I-275 Metro Trail

Palmer Shelter Trail

Log Cabin View

Palmer Log Cabin Trail

Side Trail

Palmer Park Loop

Wildwood Segment 1

Palmer Park Connector

Palmer Park Lake Loop

Palmer Park Loop1

Palmer Park Spur

Prairie Pathway

Prairie Pathway Spur

Prairie Pathway Loop

Prairie Pathway

Stone Bridge Nature Trail Trailhead

Elizabeth Park Overlook

Elizabeth Park Spur

North-South Connector

Lee Road

Marina Observation Point

Marina Point Trail

Lake Erie Metropark Parking Connector

Lake Erie Metropark Loop

HCMA East-West Connector

West Boat Launch Picnic Area

Kent Lake West Loop

Buno Parking Lot

C Loop Access

Hubbell Pond Trail

Milford Trail

East Trail to Milford Trail

Kent Lake East Trail

Kent Lake Greenway

East Boat Launch Picnic Area

South Martindale Parking

Kent Lake Hike Bike Trail

Independence Oaks River Loop

Freedom Trail

Kensington Metropark Trail

Kent Lake Bike Trail Access

Huron Valley Trail to Island Lake

Island Lake Access

Island Lake Trail

Huron Valley Trail

Red Oaks Sensory Trail

Red Oaks County Park

Red Oaks County Park Loop

Independence Oaks Trail

Stony Creek Hike Bike Loop

Stony Creek Eastwood Beach Access

Stony Creek Hike-Bike Spur

Stony Creek Hike-Bike Trail Access

Gene Shepherd Park Trail

Gene Shepherd Park Loop

Gene Shepherd Park Trail

Tucker Park Access

Clinton River Spillway Bike Path

Lake St. Clair Metropark Trail

Bridge to Bay Trail North

River Raisin Canal

Tamarack Creek

La Plaisance Creek

Otter Creek

Pointe Mouillee to Luna Pier

River Rouge to Newbergh Lake

Newbergh Lake

Ypsilanti Section

Proud Lake to Hubbell Pond

Clinton River Yates Mill

Grosse Ile Canal

Grosse Ile East

Hennepin Point

Grosse Ile West

Elizabeth Park Canal

Little Muscamoot Bay

Harsens Island Canal

Big Muscamoot bay

Muscamoot Island

Gull Island

St. Clair River East Channel

Belle River (long)

Beach Mouse Bypass

Colorado River Trail

Hidden Valley Creek

Oakwoods Metropark Trails